Construction Progress

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Construction now underway!

  • Current progress: 45%
  • Commencing January 2021
  • Phase 1 Diaphragm Wall & Excavation
  • Phase 2 Basement Construction
  • Phase 3 Building Structure
  • Phase 4 External fa├žade and Roof Crown
  • Phase 5 Apartment Finishes
  • Phase 6 Ready to move in!
  • Completion ETA Mid 2024

Phase 3 - Building Structure

The Mill Point tower structure is complete to level 31, reaching the Skyhome level. At this stage the concrete structure is expected to be completed at the end of the year, leading then to significant work on the glass crown and spires that top off this building.

The large range of common amenities are also taking shape, with finishing trades moving through these areas installing cabinetry, flooring and finishing touches.

Mends Street is now closed and has been ripped up, as a new road design, allowing for active and well-vegetated verge and public spaces, commences.