Construction Progress

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Construction now underway!

  • Current progress: 25%
  • Commencing January 2021
  • Phase 1 Diaphragm Wall & Excavation
  • Phase 2 Basement Construction
  • Phase 3 Building Structure
  • Phase 4 External façade and Roof Crown
  • Phase 5 Apartment Finishes
  • Phase 6 Ready to move in!
  • Completion ETA Mid 2023

Phase 2 - Basement Construction

Basement excavation is now complete, and the basement 2 slab is now 75% complete. The last remaining areas around the two-tower cores are being prepared for forming up final levels and concrete pours and we can expect this to be completed over the next few weeks.
Concurrently work continues on completing the basement 1-floor level, using the Bubbledeck slab system, and the first sections of the ground floor slab are now also in place. The second site tower crane footing has also been prepared, and we can expect to see the crane erected shortly.